Why Choose Miniature Hereford Cattle?

For years the cattle industry held a “bigger is better” approach to beef cattle, and almost all cattle breeds were bred for greater size, which ultimately led to lower feed conversions, later maturity and, higher feed, hay and equipment bills. Miniature Herefords began as a reaction to the inefficient economics of raising larger cattle and are ideal for many reasons.

Smaller Size

Smaller size has numerous benefits including less hay and feed, ease on equipment (fencing, gates, out-buildings and barn), ease of handling, less compression of pasture soil, less acreage needed (3:1 ratio per acre compared to larger cattle) and, less manure to haul!

Smaller Cuts of Beef

As people become increasingly health conscious, the demand has grown for smaller portions of red meat. Miniature Herefords are also ideal for families with limited acreage who want to raise their own beef without ‘over-filling’ the family freezer.

Early Maturity

Smaller cattle take less time to mature. Miniature herefords can be bred safely at about fifteen months of age. March / April heifer calves can be bred in June of the following year.
High Feed Conversion. Hereford Cattle are well-known for their high feed conversion rate. Their compact frames are ideal for excellent feed conversion.


Miniature Herefords are adaptable and hardy in most climates and conditions and are found in the United States from Montana to southern Florida.


Miniature Herefords are well-known for their gentle disposition. This makes them ideal for women and children and for 4-H projects.

Higher profitability

Miniature Herefords command a significant premium over full-size cattle due to the many benefits listed above as well as the relatively limited number of animals for sale each year. If you plan to raise cattle, why not invest in Miniature Herefords for a better return on your time and money.


Anyone who has raised cattle can tell you what an enjoyable experience it is; whether for show, for breeding, or simply to raise your own beef. Beef cattle are relatively low-maintenance, with simple morning and evening “chores” which take little time but offer a relaxed “return to the basics”. And, at about half the size of regular cattle, Miniature Herefords make chores simpler.

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